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✅ You're tired of having to choose between having a life and growing your business
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Unlock TRUE Entrepreneurial Freedom In 4 Simple Steps


Most business owners I meet are wasting WAY too much time spinning their tires on $10 tasks. Our first order of business is to simplify how you get stuff done, so that you can quickly win back 10-20 hours per week.


One bad hire can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. And just one disengaged team member can destroy your culture and ruin your hard earned reputation. Let us show you how to gain a competitive advantage with our simple hiring and team performance system.


What gets measured improves. What gets measured and reported improves exponentially. Unlock record growth and profitability with our simple business operating system.


One of the most stressful and costly mistakes for any business owner is scaling "chaos". This happens when you bring on too many people and clients without the right systems in place. Let us show you how to scale responsibly and WITHOUT the complexity.

"The principles taught and the automations we are incorporating are game changing..." 

Result: $3m to $5m while cutting his work week by more than 30 hours.

Spencer Townsend
Ace Gutters, Inc.

"I feel like we now have the templates to thrive and take on whatever comes next..."

Result: Scaled from $500k to $1m by empowering her teams in 2020.

Lindsay Scherr Burgess
Green Wallscapes

"We are up 75% from last month. Best part is I'm almost completely removed from the operations and my team is handling everything."

Result: Achieved exponential growth by plugging into The Perfect Week Method™.

Paul Saucier
FBA Insiders

"Tim's program has changed every aspect of my business and personal life..."

Result: Was able to make her family the priority again.

Stefanie Marshall
The Kite Group

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Hear From More Of Our Clients, Sharing Their Experiences And Results First-Hand

Commercial Interior Design Company

“I needed someone to tell me what to do to get from here to here with tools and techniques… I needed that practical thing. And Tim has delivered big time. It has been a game changer for us on a lot of levels.”

MedTech Marketing Agency

“I was in Yellowstone Park and I got a text message update from my operations manager about some things that had happened… and I started crying and told my husband it’s working, it’s working! It was a really cool moment.”

Property Development

"I'm now in a place where I can literally run my business working less than 20 hours a week."

Ice Cream Franchise

“Holy smokes! Out of all the different business programs out there, no one out there was saying we are going to bring you to this point…and connect all the dots... and that was what I needed. This program did that. Undoubtedly one of the best decisions we ever made.”

Autobody Shop

“Tim’s program is like a toolbox. I’ll pull and extract the information out as I need, when I need it, so I may be unique in that way, but it shows that the program works for any type of person, any type of business… it’s a great program you can extract whatever tools you want out of it.”

Commercial Painting

"It's made the idea of scalability, achievable."

Audiology Clinic

"I should've done this 10 years was worth every penny."

Power Wash & Painting

“My business now serves me instead of me being a slave to it…” 

Home Exteriors

"I condensed 20 hours of meetings a week down to 1 hour per week..."

Property Development & Management

Home Exteriors

Marketing Consultancy

E-Learning Platform

Ice Cream Franchise

Commercial Painting

Commercial Roofing

Property Management


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